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Born and raised in Philadelphia, Rachel learned at an early age, the value of perseverance, family and possessing a strong work ethic. Partly stemmed from her father's influences, and partly from beginning her professional singing career at just four years old. She naturally and effortlessly captured audiences with the beautiful vocals she inherited from her mother - who was formerly in a group called The Shirelle’s, best known for their 1960 hit "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". Though her mother was inspired to ultimately choose education over music, she knew from the moment Rachel was born that she had a special destiny to make both their dreams come true. 

From childhood to adulthood, Rachel's passion for singing grew exponentially. After years of countless nights in the studio, extensive artist development and creative trainings - all while working corporate jobs to pay the bills - her first hit project was completed. Unfortunately, her mother fell ill just as this her career was on the rise. Being someone who places family first, Rachel remained by her mother's side to say her goodbyes - just as she did for her father and sister who lost her battle with multiple sclerosis at the age of 27. "By God’s grace, I didn't have to say those words to her, and WE are now able to continue tackling our dreams together. "

That was a fueling moment in Rachel's life - a moment where she firmly recognized the fleeting nature of life, the change power to turn pain into purpose, and a newfound commitment to pursuing a life filled with passion and influence. It was a moment where her goal was not just to be in the music industry, but to dominate it. Since then, Rachel's diverse career has consisted of acting, singing, comedy, and dance. Her recent appearances include performing at the 10th Annual Soirée in the Cities, The Pretty Petals Botanical Experience presented by Tisa Rose, The Brooklyn Music Kitchen. the legendary SOB's in New York and The Holiday Concert hosted at Love Park in Philadelphia. 


Nothing makes Rachel happier than delivering statement-making performances that truly inspire new levels of emotional influence and empowering positive community reform for posterity. Her refined ‘girl next door’ ambiance, reputation for holding her own and her powerhouse vocals is what has collectively led to Rachel's accelerated popularity throughout the entertainment field. Stay tuned America because there is a new centerstage star on the rise - and her name is Rachel RaQuel.


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