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Philly Soul Now Editor’s Faves of 2023

Hey Music Lovers!

Every year, I take on the difficult task of selecting 10 of my favorite songs to come out of the music scene. Last year I gave up and settled on 12 because selecting only 10 was just too difficult. However this year, with a little discipline (and some nail biting), I managed to select ten songs from our 2023 New Music Playlist that were some of my favorites this year.

In no particular order…

  1. “Black Hearts” by Rachel RaQuel – I love this big ballad. If you love piano driven dramatic love songs like the ones by Melanie Fiona, Leona Lewis, and CoCo Jones, go on and add this one.

  2. “Tell Me When” by Re-Mus and Sunnie– BRING BACK DUETS! The people need these duets! This is such a sweet love song from Re-Mus, singer from the band The Funkitorium, featuring Sunnie. Their voices sound gorgeous together.

  3. “Meant” by Aaries– If Aaries ever want to put out an album of lullabies, I am down to pre-order, please and thank you. Their vibe just instantly puts me at ease. Don’t get it twisted, they can get funky too. Still,”Meant” floats so beautifully. It’s a great follow up to their 2022 single “Better Days” also produced by Marcus “Rated Art” Bryant.

  4. “Mine” (Remix) by WanMor– This was such a fun song for the summer. Had me thinking I can do TikTok dances. I cannot. Still, it was fun trying. This group really has it all: moves, swag, and vocals for days. I really hope their success brings about a resurgence of fun, young R&B groups back.

  5. ROYGBIV”- by Lukey. ft. Andrew Mala and Joshua Bation– Speaking of R&B groups, I am not saying that Lukey, Andrew Mala and Joshua Bation should form an R&B group; I’m also NOT saying it either (*wink wink*). They sound great on this song together. I look forward to hearing more from them whether it’s a collaboration or separate projects.

  6. “Younger Me” by Dejah Monea- This is by far the most reflective song on my list. I can’t imagine anyone not feeling the lyrics to this. “Know your power, do this for younger me” is definitely a vibe for 2024.

  7. “Sweet Life” by Lucas Wolfe- I got caught jamming to this song in my car not too long ago (which reminds me, I may want to look into tinted windows. I go IN). But that’s what’s great about good music and great about this song. It’s fun to ride to. I just love it.

  8. “Ride” by Al Zamora– Speaking of songs to ride to (pun intended), when I tell you this song JUST slid into my year end list? It came out the end of November and was just added to our 2023 New Music Playlist last week. Glad I caught it in time.

  9. “Where You Are” by Cianni Abri– “You know just what to say and I think that your language is love…” Love that lyric, love this song.

  10. “Love is Gone” by Vincena– Vincena dropped this soon after her EP The Purple Phase in April and I am crazy about it. Really looking forward to a new EP from her in 2024.

All of these songs and more can be found on our Philly Soul Now’s 2023 New Music Playlist.

Be sure to follow, stream, buy, and support the great music happening within Philly’s soul music scene. Share it with a friend. Go see a show. Hope to see you there 😉

Best wishes for 2024 and beyond, Toya HaynesEditor-In-ChiefPhilly Soul Now

Written by Toya Haynes - December 28, 2023


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